How to make Tea Manure

Number of days to make: 3-7 days

Things needed

  • 200L Drum with water
  • Sack
  • 10kg Manure from cows, goats or kalabaw (water buffalo)

How to make Tea Manure

  1. Put the 10 kg manure inside the sack. Tie to let the manure not mix with the water.
  2. Dip the sack with manure in the 200 L water. Let it stay for 3 to 7 days.
  3. After 3-7 days remove the manure sack. Mix the water. The water inside the drum is the Tea Manure.

How to use Tea Manure

  • Mix 1L of Tea Manure to 1 Gallon of Water. You can use it by applying it by foliar or watering your plants.


  • ┬áIf molasses are not readily available, you can use brown sugar.
  • Best if you put out the sack of manure 3 times a day.