Radishes Sold – My very first sell

I just sold 6.9 kilograms of my radishes and it felt good.

It’s my first time to sell my produce as for the past year I have failed to take care of my crops for various reasons.

I was reluctant to sell at the retailers at the market so I asked help from one that I know who is experienced in selling their produce to the retailers. Apparently, she has a trusted buyer of her produce and that’s where we went straight to.

I gave my radishes, they checked it and saw that they were good. I asked for the price and they said that it’s 30 Pesos per kilogram. Wooo! Good enough for me.

So I happily sold my radishes and went home.

I’ll harvest my other radishes and sell it to them again on the following days. 🙂

Contemplating on how to sell my Radish

It has been exactly 45 days since I planted my radish seeds. According to the seed packet this is the exact day that I should harvest them. True enough many are now in good size to harvest though there are still those that are smaller than the usual marketable size. Still there are plenty of radishes for me to sell.


I went to the local market 3 days ago and asked the retailers how much do they sell their radishes, one answered 50 pesos per kilogram.
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