Trying the Bokashi Compost Method

7 days ago I researched about the Bokashi Method of composting. Most that I have found out is that it takes around 2 weeks or 14 days to harvest and a lot of technical stuff.

Since I wanted to try it as soon as possible, the next day I tried making one with my limited resources and it worked.

I’m not sure if you can all what I did a Bokashi Composting Method but here’s what I used.

1 sack of Carbonized Rice Hull – Taken from the excess we made when we did it for our radish plots.

1/2 sack of Organic Compost – A leftover when we planted rubber trees.

1/4 sack of Chopped Radish Leaves and Root Crop – I needed Organic Matter and since this is the only thing that is readily available for me this is what I used.

1/2 kg Brown Sugar – Dissolved in 2 Liters of Water and sprinkled during mixing.

I first layed down a trapal on the ground. Then poured the ingredients on top of one another in the order of Carboniced Rice Hull, Organic Compost and Chopped Radish. I mixed it with my bare hands while slowly sprinkling the dissolved sugar on the mixture.

After the mixing I covered it with the excess sheet of the trapal to conserve the moisture and avoid the chickens from attacking the compost. I then placed a wood on top so that it would not fly open during strong winds.

Earlier today (6th day) I opened the mixture to further mix my “Bokashi Compost” for aeration. I was surprised that I only saw a really small amount of the chopped radish. Everything else has decomposed completely. The ones that were still decomposing had a lump of Carbonized Rice Hull and Organic Compost surrounding it and its temperature was hotter than the normal temperature.

If I were to make a conclusion, I think my experiment is a successbut I still have to further test it by using it on my plants.

Close up photo of my Bokashi Compost
Close up photo of my Bokashi Compost

P.S. If you’re wondering what the Brown Sugar is for, it’s the food for the microorganisms therefore increasing their movement and activity in the mixture.

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