Pursuing my Dream of Becoming a Sili Labuyo Farmer

When I moved here in Palawan to do farming, one of my major goals was to farm a lot of Sili Labuyo.

From my frequent trips to the local market and supermarket of Metro Manila they always tell me that the long red chili they have was sili labuyo. Unfortunately, it is not Sili Labuyo. I do not know what that was but the Native Sili Labuyo I grew up with were short, red and hot. That is what I want to plant.

Sili Labuyo Sprout

Being the non-experienced farmer that was easily swayed by suggestions last year, I never got to pursue my dream of becoming a Sili Labuyo farmer. Now, after a year of failures and lessons, I’m refusing to give up as a farmer. I will now be firm with my decisions and only pursue a few projects that I am capable of supporting personally.

Sili Labuyo Sprouts
Sili Labuyo Sprouts

I’m now startming my sili labuyo project by starting the few seeds of the Native Sili Labuyo from a friend. Currently, there are only 17 seeds that sprouted. Some may die during transplanting or while growing up, but even if there is only one that grows well then I’m sure I could reproduce it to many more sili labuyo.

I’m starting again. This time slower and only to what my abilities can do.

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