Mexican Bean Bug pest to my Eggplant

Last year I planted 150 eggplants on an elevated plot which was formerly a rice paddy. The plants were healthy when they were growing. I saw what seems to be a Red Lady Bug and I was really happy.

Turns out that the Lady Bug is actually a pest in the field. It was a Mexican Bean Bug that was usually mistaken for a Lady Bug. Most of them were colored orange but they also came in colors of orange.

Mexican Bean Bug
Mexican Bean Bug at a Sunflower

They would lay their eggs on the bottom of the leaves, away from the sunlight and when they hatch they would eat the leaves. Though not fully.

People around the farm suggested that I spray insecticide, which I eventually gave into. We sprayed and the bean bugs left. A week after they came back.

Bad Mexican Bean Bug. Bad.

Mexican Bean Bug back shot
Back shot

I should have sticked to the plan of spraying Oriental Herbal Nutrient (OHN) once a week to prevent this outburst. I’ll try this very soon and I hope it works.

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