Carbonized Rice Hull – The Easier Way of Making

So you’ve heard about the wonderful effects of the Carbonized Rice Hull (CRH) or what we Filipinos locally call “uling na ipa ng palay”. But when you researched on how to make it,you found it difficult since you still have to make a structure that has a chimney to produce it.

Rice Hull - Ipa ng Palay
Rice Hull

Was that contraption that has a chimney really necessary on making Carbonized Rice Hull? The answer is a straight NO!

You can actually make Carbonized Rice Hull without the machine. But it would take a lot longer than when you have one.

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Here’s how:

1. Collect 10 sacks of Rice Hull (Ipa ng Palay) from the nearby Rice Grinder (Konohan/Gilingan).

2. Pour 1 sack of Rice Hull to the ground and creat a volcano-like mount from it.

3. Start a fire on the bottom of the crater by putting a flaming wood or coconut husk on it.

4. When you see that some of the rice hull are on fire, slowly cover the fire with the rice hull from the side.

5. Pour then the other 9 sacks of rice hull on top to create a bigger mount. Don’t worry the fire inside will not be put out.

6. After about 4 hours you’ll start to smell the rice hull inside burning.

7. After about 10-16 hours you will start to see that some of the rice hull on the surface is blackening. Cover it with the yellow rice hull on the side.

8. When most of the surface has turned dark, it is now time to stop the process. Spread the Carbonized Rice Hull while sprinkling water to stop the fire or kindle.

9. When you are confident that all the fires and kindle are extinguished, leave it there for a day. When you collect it immediately without letting it stay for the day, it will have a high probability that the Carbonized Rice Hull would start to burn again and become ash in the process.

10. Collect it on sacks after a day. This would make around 5-6 sacks of Carbonized Rice Hull.

Carbonized Rice Hull (CRH)
Carbonized Rice Hull (CRH)

One costly mistake one can make when doing this is leaving it alone when the top starts to blacken as it would result to a fire above and make all your rice hull into ash.

If the above instruction sounds too complicated to do for you then just get 10 sacks of Rice Hull, start a fire in the bottom middle, cover it with Rice Hull and extinguish all the fire above.

I admit that this process is slow but simpler in instructions. This is only for you to get started without worrying about the contraption. If you want to make Carbonized Rice Hull faster like 10 sacks of Rice Hull in 2 hours, I suggest you make the chimney structure.

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