Stinking Lactic Acid Bacteria Serum (LABS)

14 days ago I collected a rice wash and let it stand for 7 days, then I added milk to it. Earlier today, I visited where I placed the mix and it seriously stunk!!!!

Maybe it was a natural occurrence when creating the LABS I first thought.

When I was on my way home waiting for a bus I met another organic farming practitioner on a nearby farm and he told me that the stink is a sign of pathogens! He said that if I would spray that stinking concoction that I made it would lead to my plants getting sickness and dying.

So off we went to my makeshift laboratory and he said it seriously stunk! He looked at the LABS I made and told me that due to the occurrence of worms it became a pathogen.

He also told me that if I put Effective Micro-Organisms (EMO) in it, it could lead to the EMO killing the pathogens and it would still be ok to use the serum.

So what we did was we threw some of the pathogenic LABS on some of the grass and see if it would die. If it dies then we have an organic herbicide. 🙂

The left pathogenic LABS was then mixed with EMO. Hopefully, it kills the smell and we could still use it as an agent to hasten decomposition.

Hopefully, both experiments would turn ok. If not, back to the drawing board.

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