Not-so-Random Lady at the Jeepney

On my way home from the Livestock Philippines Expo 2011, I rode a jeepney going to MRT Taft Station from SM Mall of Asia. As I went on the passenger side beside the jeepney driver, I noticed the woman that I was sitting with had the same bag that I got from the Expo.

Wanting to learn more on where to get proper education on livestock I asked if she has a piggery which she hesitantly answered. Turns out she was a teacher in Sorsogon State College and she was teaching Animal Husbandry. Amazing!

During our very short talk, I learned that I could go to Lipa, Batangas and head straight to the back of SM Lipa for the International Training Center for Pig Husbandry (ITCPH).

I told her about my plan on moving out of the city and do some farming. She encouraged me on my plan and told me about her neighbour who was also on computers but ended up successful in agriculture. I hope that’s the story of my life.

That random talk really made a difference to me. The truth is I am somewhat afraid of my plan as I have no experience in agriculture and how it works but she told me that I could make a difference. With those simple words, she somehow made a difference within me.

I asked where she was headed and turns out she was also riding the MRT. But I decided to cut our talk as she might think that I am part of the Budol-budol gang. LOL!

Thank you Ma’am Luz for the encouraging talk. Soon I’ll be going to ITCPH in Batangas and do what you have advised me to do. 🙂

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